Tuesday, September 12, 2006


study study study.... well I am trying to anyway!! freak out! I have 3 assignments due back to back..... aahhh life as a uni student! HELP! Im am currently in STRESS MODE!!!

Damn .... I need to get ready for work!!!!

Pray for me peeps!!!

p.s DAN I didn't know you majored in Photomedia!!!! gimme some of your brain power.... you too Annie!


Annie said...

Keepin' you in my prayers! You can do it gurl! :) Quit procrastinating! :P

See you on Satday! :)

Dan-san said...

Yeah man! With honors and all.(Mara knew that)

Plus I have 10 books in the market, 3 magazines published and more...*yabang*

*Pffftt* Like you didn't know that. If I knew you any earlier, you would've probably modeled some of my projects and maybe your boy toy too. C'est la vie oui?

Prayers goin' out to you...

Rainy Japanese nights. Nice.

Raver Ria said...

Awww thanks guys!!! dan are you serious that you got all that published.... yeah man me and boy toy would of modeled for ya....a la CK ads...hahahahaha

oh shite aye ....rhodoras weeddding!!!! c ya then ANNIIE!

Dan-san said...

Ya man...dare you to find a copy of my books.hehehe

But now I'm just chillin' and I'm like Noah's Arc, cruising the seas. Taking anyone who wants to jump on board. Good life...