Tuesday, September 05, 2006

B-day dinner with the Fam.

My birthday dinner @ Xic Loc (I think i spelt that wrong!) and then dessert at Max Brenner @ Parramatta. It was a really good night, it's been a long time since we have had a proper dinner with just all four of us. We arrived there at 7;00pm and stayed back till 10:00pm. All we did was have major conversations. So good, I love hearing about my parents childhood etc, I always forget that they had a life before my sister and I came along.
It's funny how you take on similar traits as your parents. My sister looks like my dad but she acts like my mum; social, talk-a-tive, life of the party, arty- farty and noisy. I on the other hand look like my mum but act like my dad; dont give a fuck, anti- social in some situations, the observer, loves to read, loves docos, gets the shits easy (oh wait the latter is all me..lol).

I like Max Brenner!!

Mara & mum
Dad & I

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