Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Chillin' with Jason and some unexpected friends

I hung out with Jason today, it was pretty spontaneous.... I recieved a call out of the blue, askin if I could spare an hour..... I had work at 3pm, so Jason picked me up and we drove to Blacktown... He is working at Inter-Continental Hotel in the city, he needed to buy a white long sleeved shirt and black trousers for work.... so that was our excursion today..hahaha
Man he is a funny bloke I can count on him for a good chuckle!!! goofy mofo!!! lol! I can also count on him for flash back music. .....especially when were in his car.......you gotta love the 80s tunes!!! Jason is an connoisseur when it comes to that...... who needs 101.7 FM when you have JASON!!!!! lol!!!

I dragged his arse to Target so we, or should I say, so I could look at homewares stuff..... I filled him in on my endeavour to redecorate my room....so we looked at lamp shades and shelfs.....
I did find something I liked...but im scared that its not going to match my furniture in my room.... Maybe I'll get a second opinion on it when I see Anna tomorrow!

We bumped into Lorabel and Lucky....naughty girl jigging school yet again.... so we sat and chatted with them about their up and coming formal and Lorabel's issues with finding shoes for her dress....

Jason driving

Michelan Man enjoying the 80s tunes!!!

Lorabel and her "anal beads" bracelet...hahahaha!

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