Friday, November 04, 2005

its a date

Tim and I went to the city again on go were bad! Spending the non existent money!!! but yea tim bought a pair of jeans again...Tsubi ones..... man sorryyy high roller!!!!! lol...but they did look nice!! I picked up a pair of shoes I put on hold last week..they finally came in ...yay! hehhehe

After the city we went back to Tim's house and chilled, he bought the Star Wars dvd and we watched that all day... man I love Yoda....he is soooo cool..he got the force goin on.....heheheh!!!
It was pretty cool, arse fartin around...we had a mad D&M.... regarding our relationship ans was great..... just insights on how we think on certain topics in terms of ourselves and us.

Yesterday was soooo hhhhhoooottttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I walked to the station to meet up with Tim at Blacktown..... man I was sweating hardcore!!!!! you can feel Summer coming!!!!
Tim and I were at Blacktown...just bumin!!!! and plus I had work at 5:30pm....boooo!
We watched Orlando Bloom is one fine fella!!!! MARRY ME!!!!
But it was a really good movie... I thought it was going to be about Kirsten and Orlando all the way through.... but it wasnt.... which was good... it was good to see the "romance" being incorporated in the bigger picture of life in general: family, death, failure and success..... 10 point for that movie I say!!!!
The trippy arse mirrors on the ceiling at Hoyts!!!! so very cool!!!

Bumin on the couches!!!!

Right now Im killing time....waitng for my friend Kat to come....we be going out tonight, with half of the a shindig in the city....... party up sons!I'll keep ya posted on that one....

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