Sunday, November 27, 2005

Nose rings . Chill out . RSL Buffets. Arthouse movies. Room changes

Mara got her nose pierced!!!!! the bumhole she is copying me...hehehehe jokes lover! but the picture looks like she has a pimple one her nose!!!!! she got it done on Thursday!!!! how spontaneous indeed!!! but I like it.... but she needs to get a smaller stud!

Happy couple

Tim came over on Friday and stayed over my house!!!! he baught me some Campbells Chunky Soup ...yummy..heheheheh...i love that shit!

YAY for SoUp!

Hoodie love!!!!

Tim and I are planing to go to Queensland in Feb!!!! it should be good fun!

Looking for accommodation on the internet!!!!!!

We decided to go to the the WEATHER IS SHIT!!!!!! The umbrella did us no justice because we still got wet!!!!!!! MUTHA F%$#@!!!!

Say it with me...Eclairs!!!!!!!! ps where's Tim's teeth?? hahahahaha

I ended up buying new bedsheets at Target!!! it was really cheap!!! and its nice too.... it was $159.95 down to $70.... so I was chearing!!! yay!!! but we had to lag around this big ass bag...not cool...hahahahah.....Mara met up with us later and she gave us the car.... Tim and I decided to have a Arthouse DVD night, we went to Blockbuster and hired out really random love... i live for arthouse flicks! We watched 9 Songs on friday night!!!! man its really graphic it shows penetration and everything...we were like what the fuck!!!!!! Tim said it was the same director who did Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, now that was a good film!!! i really like that movie its one of my favourites!!!!The very many DVDs we borrowed....yay for Arthouse films!

We decided to eat at the RSL at Blacktown..hehhehe ...lovin Buffets!!!!

Man they have the best ice-cream and apple crumble....its the shit!!!!!!

Us outside the RSL....Tim reckons he looks really fat in that picture!!!! but he's just full from the food!!!!! he gots nice abs though...hhehehehe!!!

So on Saturday night I went down to Tim's house and we ate at Pho (noodles!!!!! yum) and watched Christiane F. It was dragged on a bit....maybe because it was a 70s/ 80s film.....but all in all i liked it...It's about a girl who gets caught up in the Berlin drug scene...and she is only 14 years old...... it goes to show that nothing much has changed ...generation wise..... I remember when i was 13 /14 y.o a few of my friends were already on drugs and stuff......The movie is similar to Thirteen...but a 70s version

Today I changed my room...I moved my bed around and now it looks really spacious!!! Im going through a re-decoration phase at the im quite obssessed with all those home magazines, IKEA & Freedom catalogues!!! hahahahah.........and thats where new bedsheets come in......hehehe...i bought polka dot ones too, with Anna when we went out on Thursday...hahahaha!!!!.... im a deco junkie ....

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