Sunday, November 13, 2005

Anna's House Warming & The "New York" Fire Escape

Last night I went to my friend's, Anna, house warming in Darlinghurst. I have to say her apartment is really cool!!! 2 big bedrooms white as white/red door/ bayview/ dangerous fire escape apartment!!!!
Speaking of the fire escape, it was a cross between New York apartment block! I felt like i was in another world... it was cool as....but it was very steep indeed and it was not very sturdy, you could tell the wood had it's fair share of wear and tear!!! yes it's made out of wood. who would of thought. It defeats the purpose of a fire escape you think it would be made out of steel. It would burn before the building!!! hahahahah. Tim, JR, Mara, Simone, Jason and I were all out there just chilling out, eating m & m's and throwing them at the next freaking out because of Sims antics...she was drunk as it was funny! but scary coz she was hanging off the side of the fire escape and we all thought she was going to plummet to her death!!! she even pulled out one of the wooden planks...see thats how safe it was ...hahahaha....
Here are some photos..there really blurry and crap!!!

Me and Sim

The other building facing us....and the building that we where throwing m&m's at

the building!!!!!

Mara freaking out on the fire escape stairs

mmmmmmm fffeeeeetttt!!!!

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