Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Plumpton Antioch 20th Anniversary Mass & Lunch......& Anna's Basketball Grand Final

As the post states.....I went to the Antioch Anniversary with Anna, Mike and Lucky...... later we met up with Eddie and Jason and headed off to Anna's basketball game!!!

Anna. Molin & I

Mike. Anna. Lucky

Anna & I walking to the hall

Happy couple Dex & Tin

Tin & I

Joe & I Yo Son

She's a mum now!!!!!

SING!!! girls in the kitchen!

Me & Vanessa

Me. Vanessa & Lei

Lucky all grown up!

Eddie. Lucky & Jason

We went to Cambridge Park to watch Anna's grand final game. I swear it was the most intense game.... the ref was shit!!!!! everyone was getting the shits with him!!!! man I was screaming my head off!!! They ended up losing by 2 points!!!! Their team mate shot a goal when it was 9 seconds down....half court shot...pretty cool...but if only they won it with that shot......but at least she got a cheap ass K-mart trophy...hahahahah...all good one love!

Go team Go!

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