Sunday, April 01, 2007


I cut my hair on the last day I was in the Philippines.... Thanks Sam Baysa Of Hairshaft (The Podium, 5th floor).... you did a good job mate!!
Anyhow.... people freak out when they realise it's chopped off. Take a chill pill people.... it's hair.... it will grow back eventually.... My Auntie came over today, and I have not seen her since I left for overseas.... she was gob smacked "WHY DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!!!" My reply is always "I was sick of long hair so i chopped it off.... plus I wanted to look like a boy"
I think there is a mentality floating around.. that having long hair is more beautiful and more feminine... I remember reading an article that males find it more attractive when girls have long hair.... and they would prefer to date long haired girls opposed to short hair girls...
pffft whatever..... I was contemplating on actually shaving my head..... a lot of people opposed it for various reasons..... maybe i will do it later in the year.... we'll see....

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