Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Byron Bay & 300

Tim, Rob, Nino & I came home on Monday at midnight. It was a long and funny trip home... That is all I seemed to do in Byron.... Laugh my head off at Rob and Nino's antics. Their "deh's" "it dont get n0 beytter" and "I'mm Nin-n-yo eEhH" will eternally make me laugh. Rob is probably the most goofiest guy I have met .... he takes the gold medal so far...
I didnt realise that it would take about 10 hours to drive there....I knew it would be long, but not that long.. Mate, I should of bought a one way ticket to the Philippines, it would of been quicker!

I love Byron Bay, I love sleepy little surf towns... so relaxing and so beautiful. When we initially arrived, it was like I never left the first time I went there. Everything is the same and nothing has changed.... It was still the perfect Byron Bay image I have thought and experienced...
We didnt get that much sunshine.... It rained at least 4 times a day, it was not pissy rain, it was full on boulders coming down like a ton of bricks! But it made camping at Belongil Feilds and running around the CBD very interesting!!!! The only sunshine we had was driving to and from Nimbin..... oh Nimbin, such a tree huggin hippy place....

It pissed down here and there at the East Coast Blues and Roots Festival too. but luckily we were under the performance tents.... gosh they were massive.... I would imagine the tent tumbling down on the crowd. Yes I am a bit morbid.
I was able to see musicians I had never heard of in my life and see superstar muso's like John Mayer, Joss Stone, Jack Johnson, WOLFMOTHER and The Roots . Although I have already seen the latter two, the never- the- less kicked arse..... WOLFMOTHER was my favourite.... moshpit central! they always deliver excellent concerts!!!!

Who would of thought that this is the same person!

Tim and I watched 300 again at Byron Bay cinemas.... I love that freakin movie!!!! Thankyou myspace for the free black screening the first time round! lol.... The battle scenes were beautiful, gory but beautiful. there was something poetic about it.... I love the post production effects!!! amazing!!!
And the hot six-pack bodies...g-damn! Come Halloween, I hope a get a knock on the door from some Spartans..... trick or treat. TREAT THANKS!

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