Thursday, April 12, 2007


There was party going on at another club down from Fluxxe. VIP thing.... whatever.... we tried to get in and the door bitch said the party was over... yeah right she just didint want us losers, i mean cool cats So mara and i thought we would run in and take a photo behind the "im cool photoboard/ endorser board for publicity shots" We thought tim would run in a take a proper photo.. hahaha... i ended up leaning my hand on them.... and then it fell...o000pSS ..... then we can quickly ran away...ehehehehe

Peace yo!
what.. what underage girls????? jokes!


Erika Tapalla said...

cool cats lol. classic. it was a great night, and it was a great pleasure meeting you at Embassy that night. :)

Erika Tapalla said...

i love the icon header btw...somehow i feel a great resemblance towards that girl hanging on a very thin thread...
didnt mean to scare ya there 'mate :) haha