Friday, April 20, 2007

Emabassy #3

Embassy wouldn't be possible if it wasnt for this girl , Vicky, THANKYOU FOR EVERYTHING! I had so much fun, Erika and Gino are the SHIT! When I hear Mr Brightside by The Killers I think of jumping up and down on the dance floor and dancing on the couches. You lads rock and I RECKON ERIKA AND YOURSELF SHOULD FLY YOUR ARSES DOWN TO AUSTRALIA ASAP!

Vicky (amazing green eyes!) & I

Gino, Tim & Erika

Me, Erika, Vicky & Gino

Lovely couple

peace yo!

Gino & Tim

Erika & Gino

Me, Vicky & Erika

sleepy eyes


couch love


peace and elf ears


Erika Tapalla said...

oh fuck yeah.
you guys were the shit as well, and i do hope to come down there and rock the aussie streets and paint your town red.
thank you for posting the pics up! mr. brightside will never be the same for me again ;) i'm linking you btw.

Raver Ria said...

It's all good mate!!! I will try and send the pics via email again... hotmail is not cooperating with me at the moment!!!