Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rachelle's 21st

Some pics from Rachelle's Birthday.... JR made her cry.... he called her saying he was the bloke who owned the hall and for her to come later at 7pm because the septic tank went ballistic..... mind you we were going there at 2pm to prepare the hall and food.... poor bugger she cried becuase she was s000 stressed out! There was a lot of food left over, so right now im still eating left overs from saturday night! aha!
That's JR behind the MJ mask....scary!!!!!

This photo makes me laugh!!!!

Meanwhile... THE SWANS WON..... woot wooot!!!! The game was awesome, we were seated at the concourse... so we saw everything!!! I hope they win the Finals.... they are against West Coast.... come on the SWANS!!!!!! Freakin Liam was seated at the corporate box...boooo! ahahaha


Annie said...

bwahahaha OMG Tin!! Tim looks so friggin HILARIOUS! I can't stop laughing! Tell him he looked waaay too comfortable in that look! LOL :)

You know you're totally chanelling Kate Moss in that outfit - very Calvin Klein! hahaha :P

Thanks for the pics! They're great! :)

Raver Ria said...

aw thanks buddy...

some people didnt recognise tim! it was so funny.... cross between Billy Ray and The village People....but he looked like the biggest bogan!!!!

Oi The Devil Wears Prada is out today.... i want to watch it..

Annie said...

Yeh I'll come watch it with ya! Can we go on tight-arse Tuesday? :P

Hey are you goin to Fiesta on Sunday?