Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Roxy and Antioch Christmas party

Tim got his hair cut...he did it him self apparently..... cheap arse!!!! nah man all good times are tough being a student these days...nothing but love..... whatttaaa Zoolander pose!!!

So i went to the Roxy at Parra with the girls + Vanzon and Tim.... Jaxx and i met up at parra and walked around the centre for a was chockers man!!!! I went into Hype to say hello to old work mates... and who was there Christian!!!! outta the blue!!! and then this hand started to wave about in my face and it was Benj...funny bastard!
Jaxx and I made our way to the Roxy, because Kat, Steph and Vicelle were there....
We ate at the Thai joint on the other side of the bar..... omigosh did i have a lesbian....... all he girls received their plate of food and mine was taking a while .... i could see all the staff laughing and looking at my food....Steph witnessed it they gave me my food and they were all just watching me.... i thought they spat in it or someting....i was full on paranoid!!! but Kat asked the waitress and she said the Chefs tried to make it in a love heart shape becuase they all thought i was cute.....ok..... so that made me even more paranoid and scared....
but it was one of the lesbian Chefs that have a thing for me...... one love man!
Anyhow....unfortunately i didnt get to see erika or marie!!!!! booo!! i think they met up with the others after 12....... *sniff*
Once again i got snap happy and took whorage once again...
After that Tim and i went to the Antioch Christmas party....surprisingly there was not many people there...but it was cool seeing the rest of the crew!!!! plus baby Amorosa was there!!!! ssooo0000 cutteeee!!!!!!!
Amarosa, mara, rv, me

me. am. mara

me n dex

baby mama RV

proud parents on the right

chrissy carols!!!!!

ok if all of you are wondeing why there is so many of this pic up on my blog...... its not because im sending subliminal messages for all ya'll to see it.... although you should..... but im having issues with uploading photos....and once i upload this one....all the other pics can be put up......i was in a fit of rage....i was on the verge of throwing my laptop on the ground with murderous rage because hardly any of the pics were loading!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gggRRRRR computer RAGE!

so bare with me coz there is quite a few of them!!!! and maybe more in future posts.....

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