Monday, December 26, 2005

A Cavanna Christmas Eve & A Cruz 70s Christmas

We had Christmas at Tito Ramon's house this year and it was a 70s theme (it was jolly good fun indeed!) ... it was pretty funny, and none of the cousins were drunk which is a first...and thats a good thing i guess!!! clean livers! We brought back games this year..which is a good reminds me of christmas when we were all younglings....prizes were given out which was exciting for the kids....and yes there was a bit of competitiveness going one!!! We played Bingo it was fun for the first half hour but it dragged on a bit.... I only won once, boo!
I drove down there with the new car and i was packing it!!!! its only the second time i have driven it, but all was good! Tim got swamped by the little girls that were there....Vianca and i were laughing!!!! All i did was eat...yay for BBQ! lil Aries was there but Russelle was absent. my dad came late because he had work until 9pm. Once again the mums danced and sang karaoke.
Everyone had a afro whorage session, there were only about 4 afros but every had a go with bike! It was soo00 funny because Reyan, Ken_doll and Tito Boyong had gross 'pimp chest hair' that they got from the afros... it looked so feral...hahahahaha....
It was a good sober Christmas night.... but it think for New Years Eve we shall be paralytic..
La Familia (1/2 of us anyway)

Rachelle and 1

Ed and I ...... Tim and Aries

Tim's #1 Fans!! all the little girls think"oohh he is so00 dreamy!!"

Vianca!!!!! & Mara and I

ChingzZiieE & EdzZZiieeEE

Lola and Lolo

the ultra cute Darelle

Bingo junkies!!!

Happy couple Kuya Pido and Ate Rhea

peace man!
The mothers and tito egay

yummy mummy Ate Rhea, Reyan and Ken_doll

Mother and daughters! ohhhh the afros!!!!!
one love! Rey and I

rocking it out in 70s style: Tita Raquel and Tito Boyong


lovers of the universe.... flower child Mara and drug pusher JR

yes that me in a really big afro!!! Guy Sebastian eat your heart out

Pimp Daddy Ken_doll

Rachelle and her dad .....aka 'Pimp Daddy Tito Boyong'

Bogan pimp and drug pusher loving the afro chest hair!!!!


Cavanna Christmas Eve
So for christmas eve i basically sat on my arse all day because no one was home...*sniff* i was all by myself....
But When my parents came home we had dinner and went to 9pm Mass... We opted not to go to Midnight Mass. All good....... Father Greg did the service.... I thought it would be packed but there wasnt as many people as i thought, but dont get me wrong the church was still full!!!! I guess midnight mass is the one people most people go to....damn i remember last year, there was a crowd of people outside the church because it was so full!!!!
Anyhow I took the M7 to Merc's house because there was a Christmas shindig.... I finally met Henricks...such a cute little man!!! I was surprised to see Anna there because I thought she was up at Byron Bay...but surprise surprise she will be in Byron the same time we are...yay! meeting up fo shaw!!!! Im a little apprehensive going to Byron because i have heard negative things about it... in terms of the locals not being too friendly to the tourists..... because Ben_G_zziieeZZZ, brother and mates got bashed up...i know pretty hard core!!! Hopefully we dont encounter any bad situations!!!
Kasey and I
Paolo and Tim

Lauren and "that gun!!!!!" ggrrrr!

A tired Kasey

I heart.....maRia!

Henricks and Tim

Cybershot fanatics

happy chappy Anna

Henricks and Jay Jay

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