Saturday, December 10, 2005

Lazy Days!

Lately I have been getting the midnight shifts, that I am not really keen you one likes grave yard shifts! but I guess thats what goes down in retail in the lead up to Christmas! It will be a busy week for me up until Thursday...yay dayoff!!! and double yay because I am going to the Blackalicious concert at The Metro!!! i really cant wait!

I once again went to Tim's house...chill chill chill!!! I had work too 8.00pm - 12am.... WHAT THE??? 4 hour shift... I was so pumped to chuck a sickie..but opted not to because of the $$$$$$ bills to pay and a trip to save up for!!!!
Plus I needed to put something on Layby for his parents..... but the good thing was the shift went pretty fast..which was excellent because i really wanted to go home and sleep..... considering i had a 5pm to 12am shift the day before! boo! Man it was really scary going through the car park..... ghost town and a half!!!

09/12/05- 10/12/o5
I slept over Tims house..... he received his broadband modem, but he was having issues installing it.... not a happy camper!!! so it looks like the reps from the company are going over to his joint to fix the problem...poor bugger he was so excited to get it...but then all these stuff ups were occuring..... no love!
We had dinner at our beloved Pho! we ordered salted fried king prawns and pork chops... it was so good...just thinking about it is making me hungry as ever! We watched the MTV Europe Music Awards...the host was funny... Borat.... hahahaha.... but i got sooo very excited when Gael Garcia Bernal presented an award... damn he is mighty fine!!! (sorry Tim)
Kasey went to her friend's birthday shindig and slept over Sofia's house, man high school parties were soo fun back in the love.... I remember this one party I went to and all these people gatecrashed and they ripped out the celebrants mail box and trashed her garden....hard core...the cops came and all... oh the memories! hahaha

The next day was even more lazier....we picked up Kasey from Sofia's house and went to the video store to get some DVDs....we borrowed The Motorcycle Diaries and Fantastic 4....
and I bought The Life Aquatic of Steve Zissou....cant wait to watch that one ...i loves that movie!!
But The Motorcycle Diaries is brilliant...maybe because Gael Garcia is in it (shit i sound so obssessed!) but it gives you an insight in terms of Che Guevera's thoughts and ideals, they portrayed him as a very charismatic and humane individual who saw the injustices that was occurring in South America.... the cinematography of the film was excellent too!.... and now I am inspired to learn more about Che and his ideals....

Tim borrowed that game The Warriors...pretty violent...the bumhole only let me play one game!!! it was fun...but i was getting a bit mentally repulsed from the violence....
We ate dinner again at Pho with his parents and sister ... I didnt have a big meal because i was full.... all I seem to do at his house is eat eat and eat.... I was suppose to get home at other words...filo time 11pm.... Kasey and I stayed in Tim's room (while he played vidoe games)and chatted and did some quizes from her magazine.... Dolly quizes are always jolly good reminds me of my youthful years in high school!!!
I also had a few death experiences....Tim decided to suffocate me with his beefy was pretty funny, smothering me and all...well not really.... he also pulled out the wrestling moves and gave me arm locks and leg locks...which I couldnt get out of...and in one attempt to free myself I smashed my knee on the door ....bloody painfull! but it was funny... I like to think I am stronger than Tim, when in actual fact I am not....

whats going on looking at Tim's hot body when he got out of the shower...

A very happy camper from all the eye candy!

Dropkick Murphy Vs X-men


one love!

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