Friday, December 23, 2005

la la di da

It's Christmas Eve tomorrow.... can you beleive it! the year is coming to an end! its going to be 2006 soon!!!

My week has not been very eventful... maybe the next couple of days will be though...considering all the festivities!!! woohoo but it seriously doesnt feel like Christmas.... I wish i was celebrating it in the they know how to throw a party! plus you can get your hands on every fireworks known to mankind.....its a pitty its illegal here in Australia! no love!

On Tuesday Tim and I went into Blacktown to pick up some laybuys....Tim got his one easily....but trust i had issues with mine!!!! booo! I put a cube shelf thing on laybuy.... and it never got out of the warehouse to the store!!!! so now they are trying to track one down for me!!! so lets hope they find one aye..... I was really looking forward to it...considering im in the middle of redecorating my room!...yes my room is still in progress mode!

On Wednesday and Thursday i just had work!!!! Man Thursday night was a killer i finished at midnight!!!! woohoo! but the shopping centre was chockers!!! everyone was on procrastination mode in terms of their Christmas presents!!!! Mara and Jr came into work...they were trying to scare me...but it didnt work because i saw the lil' bastards! but i did have a dinner break and had dinner with them and my work mate.. But f*ck man, when i got home i was sssooo00 buggered! but i couldnt sleep....i got home at 12.30 and ended up sleeping at 3.00am.....

Im looking forward to tonight though! Im going to meet up with the girls for our yearly Christmas dinner shindigs.... so it shall be good. Major camera whorage! but i have to leave a tad early coz i need to go to the Antioch Christmas party... it will be the last time i will see Father John and Father Greg.... *sniff*


I want to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

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