Monday, October 24, 2005

YCW and the shopping spree...well sort of.....

Today Tim and I went to the city to go on a shopping spree....not really.... I intended to buy a pair of shoes, but ended up buying two summer dresses from General Pants and Dangerfeild.... we did alot of walking around...but it was all good fun... Tim was after a pair of jeans, and it took us the whole day to find a pair that actually looked nice..... but in the end we found a killer pair, on top of that he bought a vest and a polo shirt... very nice and cheap....yay for sales!!! lol
We went over to Lansdowne Hotel to eat their cheap and filling $5 meals.... yummy steak and chicken burgers!!!
We ended up going home at about 3pm. We were so tired we feel asleep on the train...I reckon we looked like sleeping junkies the way we were positioned in our sleeping I ended up catching the train with all the school students... boo00 for home time!!! I now realise how rowdy and annoying they can be!!! I now understand why all those adults use to give me and my friends death stares on our way to school on the trains!!!!!......omigosh I am soo000 turning into those adults!!!!! hahahahah.....

Yesterday I went to the Youth Chrisitan Worker (YCW) launch of "The People Want To Learn" book (that my sister designed). It was held at the Salvation Army hall in Auburn. YCW provides services such as English and Computer classes, job training, after school assistance and so on, but they also bring awareness regarding social justice issues.

The purpose of the book was to raise awareness of refugees and their personal stories, about 17 refugees from Sudan and Afghanistan wrote about their experiences in either Australia or their home land. YCW provided the service of Enlgish lessons for every individual, thus each story was written by each individual.

Reading the book made me realise how fortunate I am to live in a country that is free from war. And it made me realise that I take for granted the opportunities I have here and that I dwell on issues that is not worth pondering. It does not even compare to the hardship each person has endured.

I just want to include a story from the book:

"Under the blue sky alot of people are living. So why, the people are not living peacefully and friendly? Even if you look in the Middle East: Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Palestine and many other countries, people have been born in this war. Even in Afghanistan more than a million of people have died in the past 25 years. People have lost their family and their children. The children have lost their parents, they lost their home, their life and their country and their future. I hope God will recover all this matter soon, God is one God that we believe"

Afghanistan, 23 years old

Mara and Tereza

Tereza and I

Deng and I, he was so cute...we taught him how to take photos on the Sony mobile phone...he got so snap happy he took 72 photos

After YCW my mum, Mara, JR and I went to Westfeilds Parramatta..... so Mara could get her haircut...we walked around to find a suitable hairdresser, but there were a few and we settled for whatever and hoped for the best.. surprisingly it turned out really nice... short and sweet!

I bought a pair of metalic bronze Havaianas... I thought it was time to buy a new pair, considering my old brown ones were too small.....

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