Thursday, October 13, 2005

The gloomy day, Attack of the essay & Pho adventures

The weather was shit yesterday!!! rain rain and more rain...... i was driving to uni and felt so miserable....... I was suppose to get up early to got to the library......oo000ps ...hahaha i woke up late....damn I hoped that the books i needed was still there......and that no one else taxed them..... Sydney weather has been weird lately!!!! it was such a nice summy spring day yesterday....but all of a sudden it is like winter is comming back to haunt us!!!!

*Run, run ,run...* I love that song from the Tourism Melbourne ads..hehehehe.....that song represented the bolting up the horrod hill at get to the library!!!! I hate that hill!!! especially in summer!!! when the sun's rays penetrate your skin!!!!! and you feel like your going to collapse from heat stroke, while your carrying all your uni books!!!!! Thats the worst!!!!!

BUT the hill does capture fond memories....when Kat was still at UWS and in first year....Marie, Steph and I would wait under 'the tree' ...... and have kick ass D & M's regarding uni/ tafe, boy etc....hahaha...those were the days!!!!

Anyhow..... I did get the books that i needed!!! there was no one in the I thought...when I went to the back computer room...people were all in there...maybe they were doing the same assessment... but I did see my friend Willis....he was doing his assessment which was worth 80% of his grade!!! shite that is full on!!!!! poor bastard i would of been packing shite!!!! We got kicked out of the room because a class was going to start!!!! not happy at all!!!! So I ran to the other building to go to the computer room!!!!! far out.....But in the end i finished my essay!!! YAY!....but i think i did it wrong!!!! hhhmmm i'll wait and see when i get my marks back!!!! damn im scared!!!!!

I met up with my friend Jax and Merc... we had lunch at the Cottage..... (good old $5.90 meals) but it was chockers in there...maybe coz it was lunch time...der!!! Tim called me and asked if I wanted to hang out at his joint..... hell yeah...i hadnt hung out with him properly in yonks!! so when lunch was done, I drove down to Hinchinbrook.... the roads keep on changing when i drive down there!! mad construction work going on!!!!

(Tim's bitch Freckles)

(Tim posing)

(Tim and I outside his house)

(Vans!!! no we didnt plan on wearing the same shoes!!!)

But yes I got to his house and took some photos of his dog..... lol... I remeber one time when she ate her own shit... it was gross..hahahaha... We decided to eat at Pho the Vietnamese joint down his we love that place we eat there alot....hehehe... I wasnt that hungry so i just got some spring rolls and Halo I was craving for some halo haalo..hahaha....Tim had spring roll vermicelli.....yuck I hate that stufff.... I remember I ate it before and I wanted to vomit....the taste made me feel sick!!!! I didnt finish all the spring i decided to take them home..... but i im craving spring rolls now hahahah!!!

(At Pho...poser.....*cHeEtaH rAh*)

(Back at his palce.... Tim's lil' sister kaSey & I)

(SLLEEEEEPPPP.. the pic at the top looks tripy!!!!) we were trying to find a dvd to watch but we ended up watching the news and sleeping!!!I went to sleep because i was shit buggered!!!!! i didnt get much sleep last night coz i was stressing about my essay!!!!

I realised that i needed to go to Luke's house for our Antioch meeting..... so i drove down to Plumpton to his place..... i TOOK THE LONGEST ROUTE EVER!!!!! DAMN! I was having an internal conlict in my head...becuase i wasnt sure if I was suppose to go to Dex's house..... but it was all good in the end!!.... Julie was in the kitchen whipping up some dinner *drool*.....

(Luke & Dexter)


(Luke & eye looks retarded!!!!!)

HHHHMMMMM..... I have work today and I am really not up for it!!!! I have the night shift... 5:30pm to 9:30pm.....woohoooo ..... shite i also need to get started on my Advertising Assessment!!!! ARGGGHHHH!!!! to much uni work!!!! the joys of uni...gotta love it... but im looking forward to my 3 month summer break.....i have only 2 or 3 weeks left...summer here I come....woohhooo lazy days are comin!!!!!! i cant wait.... the beach. shopping. mini get awayZ. ice-cream on a hot day. camping. BYRON BAY & SURF CAMP!!!

I seriously can't wait for summer!!!!! im so g'd up for it!!!!! arse farting here i come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Ria ~

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