Monday, October 10, 2005

Bored at the uni bus stop.....

I was waiting for the shuttle bus at took forever...silly old me decided to take really random photos...hahahaha ..... I was bored as!!! plus Tim nigel-lated me and went home early!!!!arggghhhhh!!! I was all by my self at the bus stop....all good in the hood!!!

Omigosh... I really need to start my final essay for Convergence and New Media!!!! hhheeLLLPPPP its due on wednesdaYYYYYY!!!!! maybe I should get off this bloger thang and get crack-a-lacking!!!!!!

My bag...filled with university goodies!!!

One of my beloved Chuck Taylors!!!! it has sentimental value...i bought em' when I went to the Philippines in Feb 05"...... I miss Festival Mall and the Converse store....*sniff*

YAY...i finally got on the bus!!!

There was a kick arse sunset going on....Blue Mountains always looks hot when the sun sets!!! shite my uni is in the sticks!!! hahahah...weStsIde tiL i diE!!!

I hauled arse and went to the Blacktown campus library to get some books for my final essay....i saw Kimmy, Mags and her boy Luke!! shite i havent seen them in ages!!!! plus i havent been in that campus in a year!!!! ooohhhh the memories!!!!! *tear*

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