Friday, October 14, 2005


I was just thinking about my trip to the Philippines earlier this year with Mara, Tim, Rey, RAchelle and Ben.....

Man it was excellent ..... We went to Dipolog, Palawan, Borocay.... I really miss the Philippines.... I miss the shopping, the HUGE shopping centres or should i say the mall, the smell of sewage, the traffic, the heat, Chow King, Greenblet! , the way people stare because they know your tourists!, getting ripped off by the taxi drivers, trying our hardest to speak fluent tagalog, the bomb threats at love-a-palooza, Arkada club and the underage teens, Ratsky, The Power Plant and seeing those famous people, Cheap movies at Greenbelt, getting sick in the first week, Greenhills, shoe shopping! Ben and his 'tourist' board shorts! eating, eating and eating!

I miss Dipolog, walking on the tarmac at the airport, my cousins in Dipolog, Dakak, swimming, playing basketball, hoola dance, playing pool, eating those huge ass steroid driven prawns, vidoe camera-ing Jonothan and his singing and dance moves , getting drunk with Mack and Teng, Tim/rey/ben's wife basher singlets, riding in the back of the big ass ute, drawing dicks on Ben's face with Rachelles eyeliner when he passed out drunk, seeing that dude with a huge ass rifle! eating 6 meals a day.....

I miss Palawan..... the beautifull beaches,Honda Bay, snorkling, fish attacking me while i was snorkling, having panic attacks in the water,huge ass star fish, sun baking, taking heaps and heaps of pictures, ordering room service, swimming in the pool, underwater cave tour, getting mauled by mosquitos, eating the seafood buffet, the crocodile farm, the bakery farm/ factory,going to the penal jail and the maximum security jail! going to the markets

I miss Borocay, the 2 hour drive to get to the port, the fly fish ride, parasailing, clubs at night, cheap seafood, photos, Ben almost thorwing up when he ate 10 thick ass ribs, Ben getting rejected by those girls when we were in one of the clubs, hearing Bob Marley tracks on the beach, henna tatoos and getting weird side effects, the markets, watching tim and ben wake board, walking up and down the beach, sandcastles, paying the henna fine coz it inked on the bed sheets, eating banana-ques, halo halo, oysters! snorkling in the middle of no where!

Man I love Australia but..... The Philippines will always be my home!!!

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