Monday, October 10, 2005

The Presets Concert @ The Metro Theatre

yo, yo yo!! The Presets rock!!!! just came from their concert...and it was i advise buy their cd !!!! killer tunes!!!! but there where some die hard fans!!! and it's scary coz they were blokes too!!! wtf!!! i saw some leg hugging, clothes throwing, beer throwing, party streamer action!!!! freak it was great!!!! i loves E L E CT R O - R O C K!!!!! I feel like starting up a band ...yeah right!!! hahah!!! It was great to see my old work mates Sim and Anna!!! man it was killer!!!..I met their friend Markey! the architect!!! he designed The Loft @ Darling Harbour!!! and the bastard got into the concert free coz he snuck in hahahahaha!!!! James De La Cruz played his set after the concert...pretty good shite..*Monkey Magic all the way!*. my sister boogied down..and boy arent her dance moves rad or what..hahahahha....but yeah James just came back from EURopE....coz he was DJ'n so jealous!!!! 16 gigs!!!! BASTARD!!!! all good share the love i say!!!!!! it was great seeing him though been a while!!! i miss his stripper dance he performed at work..shite that was funny!!! till next time kids!!

Anna, me , Mara

Sim, Anna, me, Mara

#1 Fan stealing the mask

James doing his thang

James and I after his DJ set @ The Presets concert...hahaha...markey is in the

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