Thursday, December 02, 2010

Road Trip



The last road trip I went on was last year, when I was living abroad.
London to Munich for Oktoberfest. It was off the hook. Out of work,
almost broke, but I had the time of my life. We got robbed in Belgium
and extorted in Prague. Stayed at one of the best camp sites i've ever been
to, in Switzerland; snow capped mountains, fresh air, awesome pistachio

I want to go on a road trip and camp somewhere near a beach. It's fitting too
because it's summer in the land down under. Ironically it's been raining for
the last week. But hopefully we'll have a crazy hot summer.

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Friend in Fashion said...

I've done that same trip - it is crazy fun!

Beautiful editorial :)

Friend in Fashion

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russian women said...

Very romantic ... I really would love to do a road trip like that