Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paper or plastic?




I read the other day that print is dead and technology will take over the print
world. I believe this won't happen, I hope not anyway. Remember how I went on
that crazy rant about how I love books? Well, it's somewhat going to be one of those
posts again.

ebooks what do you think of them? I don't warm to them very much.
The thought of reading a novel on ebooks, ipads and the like is disconcerting to me.
I guess there are a lot of benefits in using them and maybe I should really embrace
the new(ish) technology.

But... I'm too in love with reading paperbacks and hardbacks. I'm too in love with
the smell of new and old books, the feel of it between your fingers, the sound of pages flicking,
underlining with a pen words and sentences that grabs me, revisiting old books from
my book shelf, snuggling up on my couch or bed with a good book. Man, I can't wait for
my future library.

Sorry ebook technology, I'm choosing paper this time round.

Image source: 1)google 2)http://elenita.no/ 3) The Selby


Taylor said...

I personally would never buy/read an e book... I don't even like books on tape. You're right, there is nothing better than reading an actual book, whether it is new or old.

Raver Ria said...

Hi Taylor,

I've never actually listened to audio books. But, I think I prefer books ;)