Monday, December 06, 2010

from thoughts to bananaink

Bananaink, my best friend's blog. I love the way she writes, because when I read it, it's like she
is in the same room with me talking. I believe she is an awesome writer. So you should check it

It's quite funny because we were in denial of the whole 'best friend' status thingy. We always
referred to each other as close friends. It took us 11 years of friendship and me moving half way
across the world for 1 year and a half, to admit we were best mates.... She is my soul mate and
we just get each other, we are always on the same wave length. I love her. We talk about
anything and everything.

I remember we were having a conversation in my backyard a few months ago, and we saw this
flash of light shoot down from the sky, the colours were amazing; green, red, blue. We weren't
sure if it was a comet, UFO or a satellite dish falling. It was amazing, we also made a wish.

She's my shooting star.
Visit her page here :)

Shooting Star by Bag Raiders

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annainks said...

ur so sweet!!! I LOVE YOU!! xo