Thursday, June 12, 2008


Public displays of affection can always rub people the wrong way (no pun intended).
Tim and I were briefly talking on the phone about the dreaded PDA. He called me up while he was on the train and he told me how a twenty something year old couple were sucking face; saliva trail and all *high school screech GGEET A RROO00M*
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a peck on the lips or cheek, or even a nice big bear hug. But when your out on the side walk/ bus stop/ street/ restaurant/ club/ alley way etc in full view for all people to see, and your eating each others faces off (and/ or dry humping); it’s just wrong! I don’t want to see that cr*p, and I bet the next Tom, Dick and Harry doesn’t want to see it either (unless you’re a voyeuristic pervert).
So to the entire lovely dovey ‘I can’t keep my hands off you’ couples when your in public please keep it to a minimum (or don’t do it at all).

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