Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oxford Art Factory: DJ AYRES

Dinner with Anna for her b'day.
Dancing the night away at the Oxford Art Factory.
Seeing old faces from the past.
DJ AYRES, bringing Baltimore sounds to Sydney.... J'adore
We didn't see the heat coming.....
Sweating in the dungen.
Vicky is in town.
I. Gino. Vicky

Anna. Maggy. Mara

Love this pic..... Tim

Gino. Vicky


Annie said...

Hey Vicki's the model yeh?
She's pretty! I've seen her in Preview! LOL That's enough of me being random.
What's happening mate? How's the life of a graduate? :)

Raver Ria said...

Yep, it is.
Yes she is beautiful, and has awesome eyes! I love Preview!!!!
I miss uni!!!! lol.... just been working yo!!!!

and you? whats up mayn!

Erika Tapalla said...

can't wait to parrrrtttteeee. hahaha

Raver Ria said...

Hell yeah! I can't wait to go back to PI!

Vi said...

aww :-( thanks youzzz... hey im back now. really really really sad. I cried twice walking to my gate. Im going to miss you. Its really nice talking to you guys and your group (tim mara and jay-r aka mario?) me and gino had a blast. i cant wait to see ya'll in january! you sister is CRAZY!!! hahahaha ;-)

ps. you took way better photos than i did that night

Raver Ria said...

ahoy hoy!
serious? i woud of cried too!....man what am i talking about.... i always cry on the plane when im leaving Philippines.....lol
hell yeah next year... can't wait should be jolly good fun.
yep my sis is really hyperactive.... i sometimes think she has ADHD...haha