Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jean Genie

When I go back to PI, I think I might pay a visit to the jean genie.... Viktor.
The only place where I can actually buy skinny leg jeans, that ARE skinny enough to fit my anorexic legs!
The beauty about that store is that it is custom made, raw denim.... I have yet to wash the pair I have now.... eeww.. Those buggers have gone through war.... red wine spillage, numerous concerts, rain..... everything feral.... yum!

I salute you Viktor, you have made my wildest jean dreams come true.... mecca!

1 comment:

Annie said...

Well as per their slogan, " a good pair of Viktor can get you laid." hahaha

LOL I didn't wash mine for 7 months when I first got them. Now it's regular washing and they're still great.

Ask Ate Dee how many pairs she has. hehehe She has a lot! :)