Tuesday, October 02, 2007

grad. mia. fiesta. trash .....the week that was.....

Yep, yours truly graduated last Thursday. About time.... lol... It was absolutely hot.... I was sweating like crazy in the toga..... wearing black didn't help .... mum, dad, mara and tim came to watch.... thanks for the support.... woohoo, yay for me. pat on the back.
If your wondering why there is a white big arse sticker in my hat, it was a disclaimer about not throwing your hats..... kill joy!!!!


M.I.A Concert
On Friday night; Anna, Mara, Tim, Jr Dean, Jeff and I went to the M.I.A concert..... she killed it... my ears were dead and blocked for the next couple of days. The sound system was L-O-U-D! Tim the girl basher got in a fight with a few girls because they were pushing us off the steps...ggrrrr..... they deserved it.... *roar*
Besides all that bac Jumping up and down was so much fun.

Trash and Treasure

The last time I went to Trash and Treasure was when I was five years old. Tim and I randomly decided to go there to check it out. Memories flooded back when I drove through the gates. Everything looked exactly as I remembered.
I picked up so many bargains 3 vintage purses (50 cents each, yep cheap as killer pythons lollies) and 3 vintage cameras.... I was so excited and still am ..... I'm going to buy some film and try my luck with them.... I have reserved a spot for them on my shelf.... my little collectables section...yay!
Yep, $2.00!!!!!

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