Monday, June 09, 2014

Faux Flora - Test Shoot Part 1

Hello Internet Pals,

To say that I was gone from blogger-land is a massive understatement! But I am back! A lot of changes has happened in my life since my last post, let's save that for another entry (maybe). The photography side of life has kept me busy. I've been assisting my work mate Seung Rok on test shoots, which has been great. I ask him a lot of questions and have been trying to broaden my knowledge - I just want to learn and get a better grasp of photography, I'm also trying to venture outside the norm of what I do at work. Anyhow, the test shots I assisted Seung are live on Vogue Italia Online - check it out here, here and here.

A few weeks back I hired one of the studios at work to do test shots of my own. I collaborated with a few friends who hit me up a month earlier. I tend to get anxious when I'm about to do a shoot - lack of confidence in my skills is what plays in my head (I really need to get over that). Luckily my work mate, Butler, was also shooting in the other studio and was more than happy to help me sort my sh*t out. Butler, thank you for all your help and encouragement :) I probably would have died if you weren't there!

The test shoot I did was for my mates make- up portfolio, as well as for my friend's floral business. So here are a few images from that wonderful and crazy fun day. Constructive criticism welcome!

Faux FloraFaux Flora Faux FloraFaux Flora

MUA - Cay Duque
Stylist - Lauren Boutros
Floral Head Pieces - Faux Flora 
Model - Harriet Hall
Photography - Yours Truly - Maria Cruz aka Raver Ria


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