Monday, March 24, 2014

Hometown Feeling

The place I grew up as a toddler, my Granddad's home. I've always had fond memories of this place- playing in the rain, buying lollies and dirty ice-creams at the tindahan (make shift shops in front of houses) It's not the type of place travellers would normally go to unless you are visiting with a local. It's the Philippines I know- rough around the edges, gritty and not what they show in tourism advertisements. We came from nothing and had the opportunity to have a new life in a new country that is Australia. Moral of the story- never forget your roots, never forget where you came from.

Home Town Home Town Home Town Home Town Home Town Home Town Home Town Home Town
Images shot by me on a Ricoh 35zf with Kodak 400 colour film

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Anonymous said...

truly agree on this! remembering where you came from keeps you grounded, of course depending on what kind of roots you came from but otherwise most people should never forget.