Monday, June 11, 2012

New York Photo Diary Part 3

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Top of The Rock
Tiny's Giant
scotty pippen
michael jordan
economy candy
Brooklyn Flea
Brooklyn Flea
Brooklyn Flea
Brooklyn Flea
Brooklyn Flea
(All Photos Shot by me)

Today's NYC photo diary post is a mish mash of sorts, mainly centred around Brooklyn; Brooklyn Bridge, Williamsburg and Brooklyn Flea. With a Dash of LES graffiti and Tiny's Giant love, Top of the Rock night shots and an homage to Lennon in the form of the Imagine monument in Central Park.

Around the corner from where we stayed was a store called Economy Candy, where all the sweets of your childhood is located. I seriously could not believe the selection they had, I was gobsmacked. It was a diabetics dream (or nightmare). Hence, the basketball card shots. Remember the gum + basketball card pack combos? The boy's and I lost our shit when we saw them. Any respectable child of the 90s had a basketball card collection. So it was quite rad that my cousin got the creme dela creme known as Chicago Bulls fame Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen All Star Cards.

The last couple of shots was taken from Brooklyn Flea, one of the raddest flea markets I've been to. They had such a lovely selection of vintage furniture, clothes and knick knacks under the sun. I picked up an amazing suede tote bag that I've been smashing around since I've got back, as well as a brilliant pair of vintage Ralph Lauren sandals. Winning.


Fashion Tidbits said...

argh, you make me crave NYC!!!


Hand up for the comment above!!!! Make me want to hop on the plane as soon as possible :D


Malak Laraki - Your Paris Photographer said...

lucky you!

enjoy New York!


Dark Blue Stripes said...

Fabulous photo diary. I love NY. Need to get back ASAP!


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helena karenina said...

I love your pictures, please take a look at my blog too.

Raver Ria said...

Thanks Helena, yes i shall take a look as yours too.

Unknown said...

Such great shots!!