Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lomo Love: Holga Euro Trip

Love Wall

So, I've finally developed 22 rolls of film from my time living in London for a year and half + travelling around Europe in between. I know, it's taken me a while! So you'll be seeing a lot of Holga posts in the next weeks and possibly months. So to kick start this bad boy I leave you with an image from London, where my Euro journey started.

The Love Wall was situated on Exmouth Market, two blocks down from where I lived. Unfortunately it ceases to exist, as it was a construction site that locals converted to a wall of written love messages. My sister and I stumbled upon this little landmark on our weekly sojourns to get to know our new neighbourhood. Exmouth Market has daily food stalls, cute little kitch stores, fashion boutiques, a rad independent bookstore and one of the best tattoo parlours in town called The Family Business, where my room mate got his tattoos done. I miss my visits to this small laneway. It's one of those little gems that really make your day. I think we should start a 'Love Wall Revolution' and create more of these murals, who's in?


Katia said...

I want an Holga camera so bad! Nice photo, cant wait to see more :) nice blog!

yiqin; said...

i need to start using my holga!

cryskay said...

i love the love wall! great photo. xx

Down This Road said...

nothing beats film! fab snap! X