Friday, November 27, 2009

Pocahontas hair and White Prarie Dresses

Two things that have been inspiring me; Long hair and prairie garments.

I have been thinking about growing my hair really long. But at the same time, I reckon I will pike
out and cut it regardless. I'm one of those people, that, grows my locks to a length I think is
long, then chops it all off. I have been seeing quite a lot of girls with beautiful Rapunzel hair.
It's just too beautiful.

Meanwhile, prairie dresses = dainty love.

Image Source: Matt Sundin
*An awesome photographer by the way


Friend in Fashion said...

wow - these shots are beautiful! I think really long hair is just divine - trying to grow mine! :)


Frances Davison said...

yumm, ethereal hair!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, dude! That explains it.

Anonymous said...

It agree, very useful idea