Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Pauline Wiertz- Ceramics

Ok, Pauline Wiertz is ill.
And by ill, I mean f*cking awesome.
I should have taken more shots of here ceramics because it was seriously brilliant.
The first two photo's (above) were taken by me, But the pics below aren't mine (from her
webiste and google).

I seriously want to buy her pistol ceramics and above fruit/vegie/pistol vase.
The reason why I love her work, is because, it has such a different take on ceramics/ vases/
figurines. What normally comes to my mind, are, dainty girls in little prairie dresses, either
holding baskets or twirling in pretty dresses. The type my mum has at home.

I love how she turns the 'daintiness' on it's head, I love the randomness, I love the uniqueness.
I love how I was taken aback by her pieces; that I was immediately drawn to them due to it's
quirkiness. My first thought was "WTF, how odd, those elements don't mix, yet they do in a
non traditional unique way".
In some ways her pieces reminds me of Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia.

I swear, if Pauline ever exhibits in your neck of the woods. CHECK IT OUT!