Friday, June 05, 2009

SAVE FBI and Diana Arbus

Two things you should go to.

If you are in London, head down to see the Diane Arbus exhibition. She is one of my favourite photographers, you wont be disappointed.

If you are in Sydney, go to the Save FBI gigs that will be on during June (money raised will go to the station). FBI is a not for profit radio station that play 50% Aussie and Sydney music. They are an awesome radio station that I listened to every day when I was back home. There frequency is 94.5FM or if you can't get your hands on a radio and if you have a computer, check out their site and you'll be able to listen online. Don't let the recession take this awesome station that has been a platform for upcoming music talents and artists. Not only will you guys save them, you'll also get to hear some cool gigs this June.

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