Monday, June 01, 2009

The week ending....

* I developed my Holga film, 3 rolls that cost me my kidneys but was well worth it. And I just realized I had two more rolls to develop. So I'll head down to the photo lab sometime this week.
BUT I will post up a few pictures, I haven't posted any of my Holga pics in a while. So I guess it's time to share some love.

* Last night we had a BBQ at our flat. London weather has been holding up these past couple of days so I guess it was inevitable. The food was AMAZING! Nothing beats yummy BBQ, wine, beer and desert. We stayed up til 4 am and right now I am super tired.

* There was a Spanish Festival going on today at Regent St. A big vat of Paella was cooked. We were the unlucky few that didn't get to try it, it was free by the way. And we missed out on the free straw hats ;( I really wanted one. lol.
So if you were there today, tell me, was the Paella any good?

* Speaking of all things Spanish.... I think we may be going to Spain *fingers crossed*

* The hay fever has been killing me all week....

* And I am loving London :)

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