Friday, February 13, 2009

Sagada (Jan 24th- 26th)

Sagada is a mountain province in northern Philippines.
We stayed there for a few days.
It was a treacherous 12 hour bus drive along the mountain slopes of the Philippines.
It's such a beautiful place, cold, clean and fresh mountain air. Friendly locals.
Fresh food. A sleepy, quaint, farming town.
If hiking and caving is your thing, go to Sagada. Heck go to Sagada regardless.

If your wondering why there are coffins on the cliffs it is because the Igorot tribe (in Sagada)
believe in Animism. They bury the dead on the cliffs because they believe the earth should carry their spirits and not hold them down in a grave. Some coffins were about 300 years old.






Inspire the Starling said...

That last picture of the coffins on the cliff is hauntingly beautiful. What a sight!

loveology said...

Oh wow, so gorgeous.
Wish i was there right now...