Saturday, January 31, 2009

GK Village Grafitti Throw Up




I died when I saw this... It is rare to see awesome graff throw up in the Philippines.
So when I saw this in the Bago Silang Gk Village I almost had a heart attack.
Bago Silang is ghetto town slum village, outsiders would get shot, stabbed killed, raped,
getting your Nokia 3310 stolen from you type of place... It was awesome to see that no one tagged over it... respect!
They commissioned this house to be painted by a Filipino artist, whose name escapes me.

What do you guys think? Ach-ya (yes) or nish nish (no) [I had to qute Bruno]


Syed said...

Holy smokes that looks amazing!!! I always love the respect that graf artists show for those huge colourful pieces, most of them refuse to tag over it, which is admirable.

electric feel said...

ohhh my gosh
that's nicccee

loveology said...

Love this.
The beautiful colours look so pretty and it makes everything look so happy!

Hope you're fine, dear!


Anonymous said...

wow that innovative

Mel said...

lovee the new header. this post is amazing, so inspirational xx

Unknown said...

Dope!! Nice to see philanthropy and art mix :)