Friday, February 20, 2009

Bicol. Sorsogon. Samar/ Leyte (Feb 3rd-10th)

The Mayon volcano was our view from Joanna's family's home.
At night the crater glows red. It has erupted quite a few times and killed more than
2000 people.
I respect nature and i respect the symmetrical volcano in the world. When you drive
around town you see massive boulders from past eruptions and grey barren land where
towns have perished.

Home of the Whale Sharks. Sorsogon is a 3hr (or so) bus ride from Legaspi.
Tourists go there for the Butandings, thats Tagalog for whale sharks.
I am absolutely afraid of sharks so swimming with these bus size mammoths
almost caused me a heart attack. They are so graceful and beautiful. This is
one experience i will never forget. My friend took this photo as it swam past us. SCARY

Samar/ Leyte.
Samar, home of all things witchcraft, voodoo and Filipino ghost folklore.
Leyte, home of Imelda Marcos.
We jumped off the roof of the ferry. There are normally kids that hang around ferrys. You throw coins in the water and they swim after them. This one kid was jumping off, so we thought, yeah we'll do it too. Tourists rarely go for the plunge. so it was a bit of a spectacle for the locals and the captain.
I think it was about 10 metres high (even higher).
I'm bad with heights. But i jumped anyways. Here's the photo Joanna took of us.
"1...2...3....4....5....*silence*.... *splash*..."

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