Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa, be good to me because....



Vintage Lollipops said...

Ohmygod the tank and denim one piece are seriously calling out to me!
I want.
I need!


withasianstereotypes said...

The girl is fierce. Your picks make me drool O_O. Baby you make my day with your blog. I adore you! + you're such a gorgeous girl. WHY were you not in my life sooner?

with love, China L.

electric feel said...

i think a bit Wang like, reminds me the s/s 2009 show

Rich Hippie said...

Brandon IS MINE!!!
hahaha man i love your blog to, you'v got amazing taste


I got the blues too, then. LOVE IT ALL. :)

Texas? How fun. I've never been! Tell him to take plenty of photos and to eat loads of BBQ! x

Oh we get our fair share of rain here too. Trust me. From May - Sept = rains almost every single day :(

I agree, I think the fact that we don't get to "see" her or "know" who is she exactly adds to the allure of Knightcat itself. Thus making her one of the most popular blogs out there! x

Merry Christmas- I hope your have a fantabulous Holiday! x

Song of Style said...

WHOA! i heart them all!
loove the tied die top and the washed denim! love it.
Hope u have a merry christmas!!!

electric feel said...


so you must please list 7 random things about yourself and tag 5 other blogs

CAT KHAN said...

i hope you get everything!!!! its all amazing stuff
merry xmas :)

Syed said...

LOVE those nikes and the skirt! Hope you had a wonderful christmas :)