Friday, November 14, 2008

What if....

Friends and I were talking about ‘what if’ people.
‘What if’ people are either:
a) The girl or boy you could have dated.
b) The person you dated for a period of time and it ended abruptly. And it ended in a vacant manner, not on bad or good terms.

The ‘what if’ person is the person you have feelings for every time you see them; your palms get sweaty, your heart skips a beat, you pray you don’t say anything stupid. The ‘what if’ person makes you drift into dream land and think of random thoughts of what could have happened. The ‘what if’ person is the girl or boy you think you ‘love/ lust’.

I find it quite interesting how a particular person could have that effect on you.

Do you have a ‘what if’ person?

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