Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Igor and Andre

I love Danny Roberts of Igor & Andre. He has such wonderful illustrations, his work reminds me of Australian illustrator Kat Macleod.
This is why he inspires me:
(excerpt from the Dirty Glam October Issue )
How did you develop your art? What's your approach?
I think my art developed by a lot of practice. It was a few years back, I got determined to get better at drawing, so I would spend 16 hours a day practicing. Most of the time, I would draw till my hand was swollen closed. I was just practicing blind contours, and my style started to develop. My art is kind of like handwriting; whenever i draw, it always comes out looking like my style. It is nothing I try to do, it just is the way I draw. I guess that's the only way I can explain it.
I admire his dedication and passion.
Most of all I love his drawings. I think I will purchase his work in the near future.
I guess there is hope for us, who are illustratively challenge. (By 'us' I am really refering to me...haha)

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Lara S said...

I love his work too - I wish I could buy his pieces... lol. Love to have them on my wall...