Monday, August 04, 2008

The Weekend that was…

I actually had quite a good weekend.
I went to the new China Heights Gallery to see their Vice magazine photography exhibition.
I went to Monster Children Gallery for the Courtney Brims exhibition. My goodness it was wonderful! I purchased the ‘Snow’ illustration. I love it…. I am contemplating on possibly buying something else… It took me forever to decide which one to buy… everything was just awesome.
I’ll post some pictures up from each exhibit.
Tim and I also went to the American Apparel store on Oxford Street. We have been waiting patiently for that place to open. There were so many people in there, buying up a storm.
The $2 Polaroid camera I bought from Trash and Treasure works… I’m so excited! The flash bulb works also… very happy about that. But I am not happy about the film being so to be obsolete.
So very very soon I’ll be posting more lomo pictures from my SuperSampler, Holga and some polaroid pictures…

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