Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Burda and Frankie

The Frankie Magazine website (as well as the magazine itself) is choc full of info that always seems to tickle my fancy. They had a post on Burda We love hacking patterns .
Oh Burda, how you bring back memories of year 7 and 8 sewing class in high school; cutting out patterns… sewing not so very straight hems… ah bless
Frankie had a link to Burda Style Open Source Sewing . The site is awesome…. If you’re a sewing aficionado (like yours truly) you should really consider having a look at this website. It has everything from how tos’, sewpedia, patterns and other peoples creations. You could be like Mary from Tampere, Finland and sew up a storm of oh so fashionable garments.
I will definitely stalk this website in the near future…

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loveology said...

Thanks for sharing this website i'll definitely take a look!

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, i really appreciate!

I saw your other blog, where you post your Holga's amazing. Don't you update that one anymore?
I was wondering, how exactly works a Holga camera? Just with regular films rolls (?) or as a polaroid? I don't know anything about it, but i really love the effect...
Your pictures are awesome!

Hope to speak to you soon...

;) Mila.