Sunday, March 02, 2008

So what happened after GK???

BORACAY…yet again….

A couple of friends and I went to Boracay for a few days. We stayed at our friend’s auntie’s house. Her house was absolutely amazing. It was this white three storey home, with a gorgeous view of the beach. I have never entered a beach house quite like this one.

As we were driving up the street we were admiring the big beautiful beach houses. And when the car pulled in we didn’t realise we would stay in one of them. Our reactions were “omigosh…ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!” we were in complete awe of the place.

Later, we met with Leonard, Luke and Damian. We went to Cocamangas…. A lot of drinks…camera lights flashing…the DJ….. The psycho stalker… the Jap boy with the hat I wanted to steal….. And Leonard getting his groove on… that place was funny!!!

Bora consisted of chilling on the beach… happy hour…swimming…and drinking the most delicious shakes at Jonah’s…. I never knew how awesome banana and melon shakes were…thank you Jonah!!! I will try and concoct my own version!!! Let’s hope I’m successful!!!

Boracay has changed A LOT in a span of a year…. It is completely bustling with tourists. It’s not the calm Bora I remember. There are new hotels… new developments…new restaurants…new markets… it’s amazing how things can change in a year…. Despite all the modifications… it is still a beautiful place.... Nothing beats a Bora sunset…everything turns golden.. The sky transforms into a burst of pink, red and gold extravaganza… everyone rushes to the beach with their cameras to take a photo of the picture perfect sky….the sail boats glide carelessly through the water…unaware of the beauty that is behind it…. Couples kiss and cuddle and take pictures of themselves…later to return to those photos and reminisce.

I bet that beach has seen a lot of break-ups, make-ups, throw ups, proposals, fights and weddings…. if only that beach could talk....


There were days when we visited our very big family… they always seem to amuse me. Especially my little cousins and my nieces and nephews… they are such little characters…full of energy and imagination. I loved how my niece would say “I want a Honda Civic…. My boyfriend is Sam Milby and we are going to get married” My niece, Kyla, is on 5 years old. She has such a big personality for such a tiny girl… she is cute as a button… and the leader of the pack…. Ah bless.

We were able to stay in the CBD. A walk away from Greenbelt which was great! The places I wanted to go were walking distance or a 10 minute cab drive….

Tim ended up surprising me; he came to the Philippines with Jr. He was only there for 1 week! But it was a good week. I was sitting in Max Brenner with a few friends waiting for my sister and Jr to arrive…. And then 10 or 15 minutes later Tim came in…My face lit up with surprise and excitement… I ran and jumped on him… I think a few patrons thought I was on crack or something…hahaha…

They funny thing was I had a feeling he was going to fly up to PI. When Jr and Mara entered Max B… I kept on looking at the entrance of to see if Tim was directly behind them… but he wasn’t …so I thought damn… he is not coming…. But in the end he was there in the flesh…. Wearing that blue flannel shirt and those Nudie jeans that hasn't been washed in AGES!!!….

We got to meet up with the lovely Vicky H again…..Vicky, thankyou so much for taking care of us!!! We all really appreciate your hospitality!!
I enjoyed our hangouts, Embassy nights and our Coffee Bean chats :) That store we stumbled across in Greenbelt 5 was awesome!!! I hope that motherf*cker who crashed into us pays for damages and gets really really bad KARMA!!!!

There were a few days where I was by myself because the GK Australia kids and Tim left for Sydney, Mara and Jr were in and out of PI.
This really tested my ability to explore new surroundings and tested my sanity!! There were instances where I really felt lonely and it didn’t help that I was sick either! I already visited the places that intrigued me…so there were a lot of
“hhmm what should I do” type of moments… Manila is not a familiar city to me [but will be soon:)] and there were times where I felt I had no sense of direction. It’s really strange experiencing that feeling of loneliness... walking the streets and feeling sort of empty…the funny thing was I didn’t miss home, every time I travel somewhere I never get homesick… but I think I missed having the company of another person… having a normal conversation, and not having a conversation with myself 24/7… however, in these moments I was able to reflect, reflect on my current situation; especially the reality that was waiting for me back in Sydney. I did a lot of writing, and a lot of book buying… I think Power Books and National Book Store made their budget for the month!!! Haha. Alas, I’m glad I went through that, even though it was quite depressing. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?


Annie said...

Aww Timmy, such a romantic! ;)
I'm jealous you guys were in Manila! AGAIN! I'm going next year! I can't freaking wait!
I LOVE Bizu! That place is the best. My first breakfast in Manila last year was in Bizu! Bless! I miss it!
You going to Penny's this Sat?
Want to hear about your trip!
Have a great week chicken!

Raver Ria said...

Yeah i plan to go next year again!!! maybe we should align our stars so we can meet up!!!!! :)

Yeah, i was really surprised when Tim came...i was like WTF???? hahaha

\Bizu was cool... when i see all the deserts, it makes me want to jump the counter and stuff my face!!!!!

Yes I will be at Penny's!!!!! cool no worries mate, we'll have a bit of a yarn!!! hahaha