Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Incubus Concert

I went to the Incubus concert last night!
It was freakin rad!
Brandon was hot. hot with a capital H!

The moshpit went ballistic... I was hit in in the face and body a few times... it was great! I haven't been in a really good moshpit in a while! I remember just pushing big sweaty shirtless bodies.
My arms and t-shirt was soaked with sweat, my hair was in tatters and on my face, it was getting to a point where my hair was blocking my line of sight.
I think the best part of the concert was when Brandon took his shirt off. *roar*. All the females went crazy! haha

At the end of the concert.... Tim, Nino, Rob, Frannie, Micky A and Micky C were drenched in sweat! As in it looked as though the lads jumped into the harbour!
They all took their shirts off and squeezed out all the sweat. It was feral..haha.... just think of dumping your shirt in a bucket of water... than taking it out and squeezing all the water out..... yeah it was exactly like that..... not only were their shirts like that, but also their jeans.......
If you were desperate for water... you could of drank it..... nice.