Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Self Portrait : Bricks & Sunset

Bicks & Sunset
(Image shot by me)

Yesterday, I met up with my sister, her fiance and our friend, Simon, who is in town for a couple of days. Simon is an uber cool dude and is hilariously funny. I met him via my sister in London, they were work mates at a shitty little cafe they worked in. He currently resides in Melbourne and a few days ago hitchhiked all the way to Sydney. Also, he will hitchhike to Byron Bay. Pretty crazy right! He wanted to have an "Into The Wild" type of adventure, which is actually quite admirable. He gave us a few hitchhiking tips from a dude he met along the way. 1) Always ask where the the person is going, just in case they take you somewhere dodgy. 2) Don't put your bag in the boot, as some people drive away with your things. 3) Always smile when your hailing for a ride. There was a few more but I've forgotten, my bad. Simon has a rule while he is traveling; that he will not take photos of sunsets as they all start to look the same. What are your thoughts on that?


Friend in Fashion said...

This is beautiful!

Friend in Fashion

Raver Ria said...

Thanks :)

Louie said...

love your blog and your collection of photos. thanks for visiting mine :) although i haven't updated for awhile, going to change that very soon! xoxoxo