Thursday, April 05, 2012



Greetings from Japan. I arrived here on Saturday and was in Kyoto but I am now currently in Tokyo. I'm using my boyfriend's iPad so I'm unable to load any photos but this one. Japan is out of this world amazing.

Any how just thought I'd check in and say yo! In about a week I'll be heading to NYC, hopefully I shall be able to post Jap pics along the way.


Friend in Fashion said...

Oh yay! Japan!!!! Kyoto is beautiful, and Tokyo is INCREDIBLE!!! I love Shibuya!!!!

This photo is perfect - love the flowers! I'll be in Sydney for fashion week - we should catch up!!!

Friend in Fashion

Raver Ria said...

Japan is out of this world!
Yes, we should catch up :) flick me an email for the dates you`ll be in town!

Terence said...

Awesome picture.

cryskay said...

i am loving all your photos, so talented! i'm so jealous you're in japan! xx