Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rome: Part 2


If you love gellato, San Crispino will change your life. I still remember the taste clearly one year on.
Hands down, the best gellato I've had. Tim and I bought melon and fig, and the looks on our faces
was something else, when our taste buds went into over drive. The taste was so pure and a complete
replica of the original. Still blows my mind when I think about it.

The Trevi Fountain was beautiful, if you can get past the enormous crowds, you're winning.
Stone sculptures are Tim and I's favourite art forms, when you look at the anatomy it is to the T perfect.
It really is amazing that artists can make such beautiful creations like this, how can you not appreciate it?

I always love seeing city skylines, I love the birds eye view you get, where people look minuscule and
the breathing buzzing life form of the town, that's reminiscent of a ant farm.

All images shot by me.


ediot said...

wonderful photos. i want gellato so bad right now..
would love to go there as soon as i get the chance. thanks for sharing your photos girl
wish you a wonderful week.soon weekend

Aie Corpuz said...

such a beautiful place!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! Looks like an amazing time

Joellen said...

I love these photos, I'd love to visit there soon! ++I LOVE gellato!



I was there 2 yrs ago. The place was amazing. Will surely go back soon after flickin throu ur pics here !!!!!

cryskay said...

lovely photos. what an amazing place to visit. xx

Unknown said...

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