Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lust for Life

I never forget a blog or a face . My only down fall is that I forget to check blogs
on a regular basis because I read too many. That's what happened with Lust for Life,
I need to keep tabs on this girl.
marina siero owns one rad blog. She gave me some travel advice when I was
heading to Spain. I love her images and posts, a sort of carefree rock and roll life.
All I need to do is brush up and learn Spanish and keep checking fr new posts.

Go visit her and say Hola!
Click here

ps all images from her blog.


Marina Siero said...

wow! i didn't expect this, thank you very much :))
ir's a pleasure to know that you like the blog and pictures.


Maria C said...

<3 it was love at first sight :)